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There may come a time in life when you’re 83 years old and posted up at the bookies in Glanmire, Ireland, enjoying the retired life. When three men wielding hammers and a gun barge in, what will you do? “You can either run and hide or take a stand and I took a stand,” was the answer that Denis O’Connor found in himself on Saturday evening.


The retired mechanic, who reportedly “works out in the gym and swims in the Radisson Blue Hotel up to four times a week and walks a few miles every day,” matched up well in close combat against men suspected to be in their 20s and who, again, had hammers and a gun. O’Connor braced himself against a wall and grappled the first hammer thief into retreat, then wielded a swiveling barstool to ward off the gun thief, and literally kicked the second hammer thief’s ass. From Sky News:

“One of them tripped and fell as he was leaving and I gave him a kick up the backside. That really felt good. All three of them ran off.

“When I told my wife what happened, she didn’t really understand what I did until she saw the video. I don’t think she was too pleased but she was proud of what I did.”

O’Connor is dedicated to maintaining his auld lad strength. “I am very fit. When I go to the gym I don’t waste time, I get on with my exercising and I finish off with a swim in the pool,” he said. “I am fit out.”

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