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Audience Openly Laughs At Madonna For Saying "I Do Consider Myself A Minority"

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Tonight in New York’s Washington Square Park, Madonna performed a “surprise” concert in support of Hillary Clinton. I don’t know a single thing that happened there except for this: Madonna said she considers herself a minority, and then her audience openly laughed in her face.

Her quote, captured on video and uploaded to Twitter:

There’s a lot of people out there that don’t believe that women have a voice, or that minorities have a voice. And I do consider myself a minority. I do. Women are marginalized, let’s face it. As far as I’m concerned we still live in an extremely chauvinistic...


After Madonna called herself a minority, someone in the crowd audibly exclaimed “what?” Laughs from other audience members then prompted her to double down on the quote. You can see the video here:

The marginalization of women and chauvinism of men are dominant themes in this election, but we commonly understand the word “minority” to refer to people of color. That does not include Madonna, a white person who has worked her way into extreme privilege.

Madonna would perhaps deserve some benefit of the doubt if it wasn’t already clear that she has a fucked up idea of racial boundaries: A few years ago, she unapologetically deleted an Instagram photo in which she referred to her (white) son as “#disnigga.” So, um, at least she didn’t say that again?

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