1. I wake up and walk downstairs.

2. I see the above sign.

3. I go to the bathroom, fully expecting to see a turd on the floor.

4. I see this drawing instead:

5. "That's you." Endless laughter.

6. There is a stack of pillows in the living room covered with a blanket.

7. The 9-year-old orders her little brother to "open" the stack.

8. Inside there is a chocolate wrapper. My son thinks there will be chocolate inside, but it is empty.


9. "April Fool's!" Endless laughter.

10. The 9-year-old goes to school with a PUSH ME sign tucked into her backpack and refuses to relinquish it.


11. I walk up to the bedroom and find this:



Your children's horrible April Fool's Day pranks in the discussion section, please.