You probably already knew that Apple was announcing a new iPhone today, but did you know that it was planning to livetweet its announcement? And that in doing so, it kind of accidentally fucked over every tech blogger in the country? It’s the best gift Apple could have ever given us.

Basically, Apple had made its very first official Twitter account just for this event, and it had planned to tweet out news as it happened. Now, usually, this job is left up to the various tech journalists drooling on-location in San Francisco or livestreaming the event from home. But Apple apparently has an itchy trigger finger, since they let loose some tweets a bit too early:

Which is fun for everyone sitting at home waiting to hear about how they’re going to have to pay more money for the privilege of throwing away their old headphones. But for all the frantic tech bloggers who spent the past week pre-writing Apple posts in an effort to be the very first blogger out the gate, it’s their worst goddamn nightmare.

For a tech blogger, Apple Day is almost entirely about speed. Whoever gets their post up first gets crawled by Google first which means they’re more likely to get tweeted en masse first, all of which translates to sitting back as the traffic rolls in. So blogger tensions are already running at peak capacity.


Then Apple does this, disrupting the sensitive-yet-established presentation-blog ecosystem. And the bloggers freak and rush to get something up.

For example, from Mashable:

And The Verge:

And The Next Web:

Whether accidentally or not, tech bloggers got trolled hard today. So please, pray for them. Because I can’t stop laughing.