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An Ode To James Carville's Super Fucked-Up Glasses

This election has turned the country into a tar pit from which we will never escape, but it did give us one thing that has brought me great joy. That thing is political pundit James Carville’s busted-ass spectacles.

The Ragin’ Cajun has been a frequent guest on MSNBC during pre- and post-debate shows, and every time he pops up on the screen I get a kick out of his extremely goofy eyeglasses situation.


After the first debate, Carville was actually wearing perfectly normal and straight specs:


Lookin good, James!

But something happened between the first and second debate, because Carville showed up looking like this after the second clash between Clinton and Trump:


Here he is before the third debate:


And after:


James Carville woken up from a face-down nap on the couch, shouted, “Doggonit! Can’t find my good specs! Honey, where are those old bent ones?” and then gone on national TV multiple times in the last month. That cheers me up.

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