Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson: Splash

Amanda Knox—aka Foxy Knoxy, the American student accused, convicted, and then acquitted (twice) of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher in Italy in 2007—is in Toronto this weekend to promote a forthcoming Netflix documentary that reexamines the case.

It’s probably a weird time for Knox, who is being asked to relive a years-long saga that landed her in jail and on the cover of tabloids, and left many people believing she is a murderer. One of the trailers for the documentary opens with Knox in tears. “Before Italy ... I had a happy life” she says in a voiceover as photos of her fresh-faced youth flash on-screen.

Knox is probably not having fun in Toronto, would be my guess, but damn if her boyfriend, the author Christopher Robinson, doesn’t look ready to throw the fuck down. That’s them up there, arriving at Toronto Pearson International. Knox is wearing zebra-print Nikes but is dressed fairly normally otherwise. Robinson, however, looks like Terry Richardson fucked both of the guys from LMFAO, which for all we know may actually have happened.

But this isn’t simply a photo of one man’s loud fashion and innovative beard designs. It’s also an inspirational image of true love. Robinson isn’t just wearing a letterman’s jacket over leopard print pajamas. He’s wearing a letterman’s jacket that says “Amanda.”


[via Page Six]