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A Non-Exhaustive List Of Ideal Ringtones

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Sometimes it just hits you. You’re listening to a song, and you hear a little snippet that would make the perfect little noise for a text message notification. Remember when song ringtones were a thing? Let’s bring that back. These are a few options.


As far as I’m concerned, there is no requirement for a good ringtone, other than it being something that would sound really dope and impressive when your phone’s blowing up. Point of order: each YouTube link starts right at the perfect soundbyte.

The “doggy” at the beginning of The-Dream’s “F.I.L.A.”:

The “dumb d-dumb-dumb” in Luniz’s “5 On It”:

Drake, who is higly sound-byte-able, gives plenty of options from “Worst Behavior.” Even just the title words work:

Or the perfectly quotable, “hold up, hold my phone”:

The “OVO unruly” in Drizzy’s “No Tellin” is a good one:

Killer Mike’s “oh my” in Run the Jewels’ “Oh My Darlings (Don’t Cry)”:

Actually, Killer Mike is another guy who gives good sound bytes. His “ey, baby, you with me?” from the same song is also good:

Danny Brown saying “CHECK” is great and is something he says a lot:

If you want to get a little bit pharmaceutical with it, you could go with “extra pills, extra pills” via Ab-Soul:

The girl saying “you stupid” from the song “Church” by T-Pain:

The girl saying “yeah right” on the D-12 song “Purple Pills”:

Fabolous’s “woo woo” on “Young’n”:

“I like that” from Jamie Foxx’s “Unpredictable”:

The “bawk bawk” in Three 6 Mafia’s “Chickenhead” was made for this:

Alternatively, the “boy please, whatever,” in the same song:

Big Sean’s “brr brr” off “IDFWU”:

T-Pain’s “YEET!” in “Trust Issues”:

Young Thug’s “sheesh!” ad-lib is tailor-made:

Another great contender is 2 Chainz shouting out “a million views!”:

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