Rapper and evolving-hairstyle-with-a-tongue Danny Brown has had a relatively quiet 2015, but today, the Detroit emcee is back with a new track called “Worth It,” a collab with producer Clams Casino. It’s not like he’s been totally silent this year, but I’m glad to hear from the guy anyway.

I like Danny Brown because he has this weird, shrill voice, and an ability to express some general discontent in a relatable way that also doesn’t make me want to off myself. “Worth It” fits right in line with that. (I’m also a big fan of Clams Casino on his own: His three instrumental tapes are some of my favorite pieces of music to listen to while I work.) The new song is free as a part of Adult Swim’s singles campaign, which is putting out new stuff from the likes of Run the Jewels, Flying Lotus, Sia, and more until October.

As for Danny, he hasn’t put out a full-fledged project since his increasingly aptly titled 2013 album Old, but seems to be doing just fine riding that one out: He and his crew, the Bruiser Brigade, have been on a seemingly nonstop tour since. Nothing wrong with that. But Danny, if you’re reading this, some new music every once in a while is a good idea, too.


Image via Danny Brown’s Instagram.