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A Brief Lesson On The Chillness Of Bears

This week, two bears presented us humans with an important lessons about their species. That lesson being that sometimes bears have a lot of chill, but sometimes bears have no chill whatsoever.

Above is a video of a massive and very relaxed brown bear happening upon a photographer in the Alaskan wilderness. He doesn't seem to mind the presence of the photographer, and hangs out for a bit to enjoy the scenery with his new buddy. "Awww," you may think while watching this. "Bears are so nice. I want to meet a bear."


Not so fast, buddy! You certainly wouldn't want to meet this bear, who stalked two Canadian joggers through the woods with murder in his eyes:

This bear is basically the animal kingdom's versions of an angry coke head who goes to a party just so he can bump into people and ask them what the fuck they're looking at. This bear should be avoided at all costs.

So be careful when you're out there encountering bears, you guys. Some of them will be neat, but some of them will be jerks. Kind of like people.

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