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58 Future Jason Bateman Films

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Today we read the following story of how the Jason Bateman vehicle Game Night came to pass.

It got us thinking that pretty much every modern Jason Bateman movie was undoubtedly conceived in the same fashion. And hey, I won’t judge our man for it. It clearly works for him. So, to that end, we figured we would brainstorm the rest of his IMDB credits, from here into the distant future. No need to ever sit in a pitch meeting ever again, Jason. We got you covered for life. We will accept no less than five points on the back end.

  1. Office Lunch
  2. Gym Buddies
  3. Dumb Uncles
  4. Hard Day
  5. Big Rager!
  6. Fat Cop
  7. Morning Commute
  8. Morning Commute 2: Carpool
  9. Easter Brunch
  10. Randy Doctor
  11. New Roommate
  12. Crew Chief
  13. Crew Chief 6: Manual Labor
  14. Town Hall
  15. Gay Coach
  16. There’s A Flu Going Around This Plane
  17. Biker Dad
  18. Bar Trivia
  19. Rec League
  20. Hockey Club
  21. Army Nurse
  22. Horny Ski Condo
  23. Aging Drummer
  24. National Lampoon’s European Funeral
  25. Shitty Tuesday
  26. Summer Friday
  27. The Weird Guy
  28. Personal Day
  29. Bowling Night
  30. Hot Yoga
  31. Happy Hour
  32. Three-Day Weekend
  33. The Timeshare
  34. Chess Club
  35. Chess Club Reunion: Checkmate
  36. Odd Lawyer
  37. Dave Gets A Nose Job
  38. Toyotathon
  39. Man Cave 2: BATS
  40. Trumpet League
  41. Garden Show
  42. Burrito War
  43. BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  44. Insensitive Castmate
  45. Boozin’ Headmaster
  46. Comically Ineffective Superhero
  47. The Offsite
  48. Open Mic
  49. Ash Wednesday
  50. The Playdate
  51. Lobsterfest
  52. Diplomatic Immunity
  53. Group Therapy
  54. Dog School
  55. Trust Fall
  56. The Spin Instructor
  57. Coffee Run
  58. Sex Pervert


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