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That’s at least three dollars too expensive.
Photo: Matt

Our Facebook page is a great place to yell at us, but also to send us really helpful sports tips. Like reader Matt, who private messaged us with this breaking news:


Matt, I am looking at it and I don’t like it. $5.45 USD, plus tax, is excessive for a hot dog. Comically excessive. Tragically excessive.

Matt says this is at a food truck in Georgetown, which makes it that much worse. At a ballgame, you’re a captive audience and if you want a hot dog, you have no choice but to pay six bucks or whatever for it. Not so here; there are surely cheaper dogs within walking distance. (And at a ballgame, they’re usually at least footlongs. This looks like a basic-ass frank.)

How much should you pay for a simple hot dog, which probably has eight cents worth of meat in it? A dollar is ideal. At Gray’s Papaya, they’re up to $1.25, though you can get two dogs and a drink for $3.50. Two dollars is acceptable. (I am talking New York prices here, mind you.) But it’s the upper limit.

Note that I am not talking about fancy hot dogs, like this or this or this. Just regular old hot dogs.


The most you should pay for a hot dog is $2.

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