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Arcade Games, Ranked

Yes, that’s Kaitlynn Carter and Brody Jenner.
Yes, that’s Kaitlynn Carter and Brody Jenner.
Photo: Mark Davis (Getty)

The Deadspin staff recently moved its office to Times Square, so we’ve been absolutely dying to check out every single frothy tourist trap around us that can sell grilled chicken sandwiches for $25 a pop because it has some sort of cute gimmick. Chief among these is the big bright sports bar that boasts endless rows of arcade games promising to lighten your wallet by multiple large bills. (All bars with arcade games should offer unlimited free play for like five or ten bucks, but that’s a different blog.) This being Deadspin, we started shouting about which games are frauds and which ones kick ass, and, after some very democratic spreadsheet voting, here are the results:

  1. The Simpsons
  2. Pop-A-Shot
  3. Gauntlet
  4. X-Men
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  6. Rampage
  7. Golden Axe
  8. NBA Jam
  9. Street Fighter 2
  10. Air Hockey
  11. Mortal Kombat
  12. Double Dragon
  13. Marvel Vs. Capcom
  14. Pinball
  15. Skeeball
  16. Terminator 2
  17. Tekken
  18. Time Crisis
  19. Golden Tee
  20. NFL Blitz
  21. House of the Dead
  22. Pole Position
  23. Ms. Pac-Man
  24. Foosball
  25. Daytona USA
  26. Dig Dug
  27. Crazy Taxi
  28. Joust
  29. Dance Dance Revolution
  30. Donkey Kong
  31. Asteroids
  32. Galaga
  33. Star Wars Trilogy
  34. Dome Hockey
  35. Frogger
  36. Space Invaders
  37. Big Buck Hunter
  38. Getting hit by a car
  39. Q*bert