You’re a human person with functioning eyeballs and so I don’t need to convince you that Tom Hardy has a good face featuring a pair of full, impressive lips. The lips are nice. They are the kind of lips that could easily become a piece of cultural shorthand. “That dude has Tom Hardy lips,” you might say of a dude you see on the street with bitchin’ lips.

Look at those bad boys. Photo credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty 


Since we’re all in agreement about Hardy’s rad lips, I assume you are just as outraged as I am that Christopher Nolan continues to deny us a look at those smackers on the big screen. Dunkirk opened over the weekend, and it features Tom Hardy as a heroic RAF pilot who spends the movie shooting Nazi fighters and bombers out of the sky in order to protect the English soldiers stranded on the water and beach below. It’s a good movie, but for the fact that Hardy spends 98 percent of his screen time with a big dumb mask over his tremendous lips! (Without spoiling too much, I must acknowledge that Nolan does indeed Unleash The Lips in one particularly striking scene, but it’s far too little too late.)

Perhaps this would not be an issue worth dedicating an entire blog post to if Nolan had not already pulled the same bullshit before. The last movie Nolan cast Hardy in was The Dark Knight Rises, and we all know how that went down:


This is an affront to the movie-going public. I could tell you that I like going to the movies because I enjoy “good storytelling” or “sick action sequences” or “high-concept filmmaking,” but I’m mostly there because I want to see handsome and charismatic people be handsome and charismatic on a big screen. I want to see the damn lips, Christopher Nolan. So stop hiding ‘em!