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Is This A Good Teen?

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Here’s a video from Twitter user @B1goingD1 that appears to show a classroom fight between a pair of teens come to a swift end when a third teen knocks out one participant for hitting the teacher, then flexes at the other after pulling him off the knocked-out teen. There’s a ton to get into here, such as the grinning girl who scurries out of the frame early on; red hoodie kid getting wrapped up in his sweatshirt then freaking out; and the teacher saying, “It’s really not cool.” But the true star is the teen who ends the fight, flips out on both participants, and asserts that hitting the teacher isn’t cool:


The teen in question here did not, from what we can see, start the fight (he has his headphones in until the teacher gets hit) but he lands the biggest punch. He also flips out after the fight ends, and proceeds to yell at both participants, presumably because the teacher caught some collateral damage. It’s possible that this was pure performance and is, in fact, fake, or that he made a show of cleaning up the fight in order to (as the tweet’s caption jokingly suggests) impress the teacher. But that feels like a disingenuous reading. So we open it up to you: Is this teen good?

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