So, here’s the single best discussion happening right now:

This is a fun game, because you get to place almost to the year you became a sentient human being, and also become baffled that the young people around you literally don’t remember huge major world events.


Here are some of the Deadspin staff’s answers:

McKenna: JFK assasination

Woolley: John Lennon’s assasination


Burke: Marvin Gaye’s murder

Drew: The Challenger explosion

Jim Cooke: The Challenger explosion

Barry: Gulf War


Diana: Gulf War

Ley: The O.J. chase


Puja: The O.J. chase

Billy: Princess Diana’s death

Giri: Princess Diana’s death


Hannah: Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal

Draper: Kosovo War


Samer: 9/11

Redford: 9/11


This data all supports my long-held definition of a millennial: You are a millennial if you remember 9/11 but not the Challenger explosion.

Please share your answers below.