The Danish Girl Makes Transgender Issues Safe For The Oscar Crowd

Of all the adjectives to describe a movie, “well-intentioned” is among the least scintillating and most wearying. It’s why a lot of people have an aversion to so-called Oscar-bait— they’re the kind of films that pop up around award season to address important subjects in a respectful way, with the hopes of raising… »Yesterday 3:31pm11/27/15 3:31pm


The Perfect Beer For All Your Thanksgiving Needs

All holidays are the best, but Thanksgiving is the extra-best, because it doesn’t offend anyone other than the killjoys who are put off by naked gluttony. There’s no religious component to fake, work around, or disagree with; the weather isn’t quite horrific yet in most parts of the country; and if you’re in the right… »Wednesday 4:31pm11/25/15 4:31pm

Red Cliff Is The Crazed War Epic John Woo Was Reborn To Make

It’s probably fair to say that John Woo went limping back to Hong Kong. In the ’80s and early ’90s, Woo changed the Hong Kong film industry by making some of the best action movies of all time: Hard Boiled, The Killer, A Better Tomorrow, Bullet in the Head. He then spent a decade in Hollywood, where he had his hits… »Wednesday 2:56pm11/25/15 2:56pm

Creed Hits Harder The Further It Gets From Rocky Balboa's Shadow 

1. Creed works better as an actual movie than it does as a Rocky movie, which is quite the compliment, considering that it’s an excellent Rocky movie, too. (I hadn’t seen it yet when Grierson and I did our Rocky movie rankings on Monday; I’m higher on it than he is.) More than a mere boxing film, it’s a powerful,… »Wednesday 2:22pm11/25/15 2:22pm

Gifts For Your Friend Who Works in a Hellishly Uncomfortable Office

Let’s imagine you work at a company. It’s a pretty good company, good enough that it decides, after much talk, to move to a bigger, fancier office. This office is much-heralded by those who have created it. And yet, it is still an office. It still has flaws, like any living, breathing thing. »Tuesday 4:55pm11/24/15 4:55pm

The Good Dinosaur's Visual Grandeur Makes Up For Its Lack Of Wit

One of the constant accolades Pixar receives about its movies is that they’re not made just for kids. This is meant as a compliment: While they’re animated and appeal to children, their emotional and thematic sophistication also makes them satisfying to grownups—maybe even more so. The downside to those hosannas is… »Tuesday 2:38pm11/24/15 2:38pm

How To Buy Lingerie For Your Girlfriend, Wife, Mistress, Or Whoever Else

There comes a point in every hetero relationship when a man considers treating his lady to some expensive undergarments. It might be your way of celebrating her physical form while making it clear just how much you lust after her. It could just be a random surprise gift to show your affection on one of your… »Tuesday 1:53pm11/24/15 1:53pm

The Rocky Movies, Ranked

Sylvester Stallone’s recent sit-down with Robert Rodriguez for
The Director’s Chair made a pretty compelling case that the Rocky movies ought to be taken seriously as Sly’s greatest artistic achievement. Sure, most of them are exactly the same movie. (Rocky has to fight somebody no one thinks he can defeat, he trains… »Monday 2:18pm11/23/15 2:18pm

A Dead Pet Bunny, And More Of Your Grimmest Thanksgiving Disasters

Last year, at my family’s Thanksgiving celebration, I bestowed upon my brother the honor of carving the turkey. He stared at the bird for a solid minute, halfheartedly holding a tine and knife, before dropping the tools and tearing into it with his bare hands. Last week we asked you to tell us your Thanksgiving horror… »Monday 1:29pm11/23/15 1:29pm

Tell Us About Your Thanksgiving Disasters 

Something about the holidays seems to invite disaster right to your front door, right along with good tidings and cheer and all that. On Thanksgiving alone, there are plenty of ways for things to go wrong: the deep fryer could explode, Dad could lose a finger in a turkey-carving accident, you could puke from gorging… »11/20/15 3:41pm11/20/15 3:41pm

The Hunger Games Are Over, But Jennifer Lawrence Is Only Getting Better

1. It seems insane to think about now, but there was a time when everyone was worried about whether or not Jennifer Lawrence could pull off the Hunger Games films. Cast as Katniss Everdeen just a year after her breakthrough in Winter’s Bone, Lawrence was considered by many an undeniable talent but a little bit green,… »11/20/15 2:50pm11/20/15 2:50pm

The Grisly, Goofy Starship Troopers Played Dumb To Make Hollywood Look Even Dumber

The moment when you discover what Starship Troopers is really about is one of the great eureka moments in the life of any young movie dork. I’ve got vivid memories of staggering out of a suburban multiplex in 1997 and sputtering, “What the fuck was that?” To my teenage self, it was basically Saved by the Bell plus… »11/20/15 2:04pm11/20/15 2:04pm

How To Survive A Long Car Trip With Your Kids

It’s that time of year. Time to visit those weird, faraway relatives in weird, faraway places, where the Target and the Costco and the Whole Foods are all switched around. It’s time to roll down hundreds of miles of dear old Ike’s eight-lane American dream, leaving one suburban hellscape for another. It’s time for the… »11/20/15 11:43am11/20/15 11:43am

Cleancast: Which Vacuum Should I Buy?

On this episode of the official Ask a Clean Person podcast, Liam McCabe of the Sweethome joined me to talk about vacuum cleaners—including and especially what type of vacuums people with specific issues like pet-hair control, allergy prevention, or tiny budgets should look for when making their purchases. He also had… »11/20/15 10:53am11/20/15 10:53am