The Secret To Perfect Weed Butter

To begin, the briefest of rants. A few years ago, I got one of these Crock-Pot Little Dipper dealies as a gift. The idea, the gift-giver told me, was that I could use it to keep queso or artichoke dip warm when I had friends over. This was going to be so great! No longer would once-hot queso congeal sadly on my coffee… » 4/20/15 5:51pm Today 5:51pm

What To Get Killer Mike For His Birthday

Generally, it must suck to share your birthday with a holiday, but it’s not so bad when your born day also happens to fall on 4/20. Today is Killer Mike’s birthday. He’s 40, and he’s the man, and he’s definitely had one hell of a wild ride. That’s more than enough reason to shower him with gifts. Here are a few ideas. » 4/20/15 4:30pm Today 4:30pm

Happy Weed Day! Now Drink A Beer.

We here at Drunkspin have a well-established affinity for fake holidays, which is why today brings us much pleasure despite the rainy Monday Aprilness of it all. It’s Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Maine; Boston Marathon Day in the wealthier parts of Eastern Massachusetts; and Weed Day everywhere! I’m… » 4/20/15 3:26pm Today 3:26pm

In Living Color At 25: Highlights From A Comedy Revolution

“I was on my way home from bingo and got caught up here in the riots,” says Benita Buttrell, a nosy neighborhood gossip played by Kim Wayans on the ‘90s sketch-comedy show In Living Color. As she sits at a bus stop, decked out in mismatched jewelry with her signature plastic curlers still setting her hair, neighbors… » 4/20/15 2:10pm Today 2:10pm

How To Make Hollandaise Sauce, And Defy The Brunch-Industrial Complex

Hollandaise sauce is the lifeblood of the brunch-industrial complex. You want brunch—which is to say, you want eggs Benedict, the totemic brunchstuff, and maybe like some strawberries or quiche or whatever else goes with brunch? I dunno, I just really want some eggs Benedict, and it’s 11:30 already—but don’t know how… » 4/18/15 10:59am Saturday 10:59am

Samuel Adams 26.2: The Beer Boston Deserves

Did you see that some of the Gawker Media rabble are trying to unionize? I have mixed thoughts on this. On the one hand, sure, good, look out for the working man. But then again, they’re fucking bloggers. This is a very, very soft gig, so maybe tone down the coal-miner act? But I admit my thoughts aren’t fully formed,… » 4/17/15 2:34pm Friday 2:34pm

Jack DeJohnette Just Put Out The Best Jazz Record Of 2015

Chicago long ago grudgingly ceded second-banana status to Los Angeles w/r/t population and cultural might, but on all matters jazz, it still answers only to New York. Every medium-sized population center now claims some kind of quote-unquote jazz scene with an accompanying seasonal festival, complete with third-rate » 4/17/15 11:27am Friday 11:27am

Introducing Drunkspin's Unified Theory Of Midwestern IPAs

A certain segment of the drinking public fetishizes localism. They sometimes take their case too far and try to dress dumdum provincialism up in environmentalist clothing, e.g. rooting for a hometown brewery because they consider it an extension of themselves—as if it were a local sports team—but pretending to have… » 4/16/15 4:57pm Thursday 4:57pm

Make Your Own Brunch, Please

Brunch could very well be the American millennial’s favorite bougie pastime. You may have tried to avoid it for as long as possible (like me), or you may have fully embraced it after your first sip of that amazing mimosa. But face it: There’s not a weekend that goes by where you don’t want to go out and order some… » 4/16/15 4:29pm Thursday 4:29pm

The Next Three Weeks Of Game Of Thrones Recaps, Spoiled

Over the weekend, the first four episodes of Game of Thrones leaked onto torrent sites. In one day, they were downloaded more than a million times. And yet on an Internet that mainlines recaps, teasers, spoilers, and breakdowns, no one seems to want to talk about them, at least beyond the odd mealymouthed appeal to… » 4/16/15 2:18pm Thursday 2:18pm

The French Connection Is Even Better If You Root Against Gene Hackman

So 1971's The French Connection won a Best Picture Oscar thanks in large part to its game-changing chase scene, which should happen more often. I'm not saying the Academy Awards should always make decisions based on who had the best chase scene, but it should at least be a factor: Raiders of the Lost Ark should've had… » 4/16/15 11:44am Thursday 11:44am

How To Ride The Subway

Boston's MBTA complex fell apart this winter, when 110.6 inches of snow illuminated how my city's subway system (the oldest in America) is also one of the most decrepit in the country, with entire lines shutting down for days at a time due to mechanical failures. New Yorkers endlessly whine about the subway and the… » 4/15/15 5:26pm Wednesday 5:26pm

Can Cincinnati's Beer Redeem Its Crimes Against Chili?

Happy Tax Day to all those who observe. Thank you for helping keep the roads paved and the schools open. Your service is greatly appreciated, and as such I will try not to be judgmental about your personal choices today. But please tell me you're not reading this on your phone as you stand in line at the post office. » 4/15/15 4:40pm Wednesday 4:40pm

Rap City's Big Tigger On The Show's Best Freestyles

BET's now-defunct Rap City debuted in 1989 and lasted until 2008, making it the longest-running hip-hop TV show of all time. In its prime, the show was a perfect vehicle for rappers on the come-up and those who were already there. Recently, I talked to former host Darian "Big Tigger" Morgan about what made… » 4/15/15 3:09pm Wednesday 3:09pm

Police: Mom Played Naked Twister With Teens, Sexed Multiple Teens

A Georgia woman, 35-year-old Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, was arrested and charged on Monday after her AA sponsor went to police and told them about a sex party that Lehnardt had allegedly hosted for a group of teens that included her 16-year-old daughter. According to the incident report, festivities at this… » 4/15/15 9:51am Wednesday 9:51am

This Game Of Thrones Beer Is The Jon Snow Of Game Of Thrones Beers

The NFL hired their first full-time female referee last week, and the public reaction played out exactly as you'd imagine. Decent, reasonable people saw this move as vaguely positive; the bleating heads who get paid to say dumb shit about sports said dumb shit about sports; and the people who listen to… » 4/14/15 3:20pm 4/14/15 3:20pm