The Beer Idiot Hits The Hard Stuff: Tales From The Nashville Whiskey Festival

The strangest person you can possibly encounter at a whiskey convention is someone who doesn’t like whiskey very much. Anecdotally speaking, it is also unusual to be a woman or black—the attendees of the Nashville Whiskey Festival, which I attended a couple weeks ago, made me worried that I’d wandered into a Ben Folds… »10/02/15 5:01pmYesterday 5:01pm

You Can Take Yo La Tengo To A Mets Game, But You Can't Make 'Em Do The Wave

Credit where credit’s due: The New York Mets are very good this year, and they wholeheartedly earned the NL East title. But given the team’s habit of historic late-season collapses—recall, for example, when they blew a sturdy seven-game September division lead in 2007 by losing 12 of their last 17 games—there must’ve… »10/02/15 2:07pmYesterday 2:07pm

The Bank Job Is A Great Jason Statham Flick, Even Though He Hardly Kicks Anybody

The Bank Job is a movie that stars Jason Statham, but it’s not a Jason Statham movie. The chief attributes of his persona, as established in a long line of mostly-pretty-great action B-movies (like, say, this one or this one), are just not there. We don’t get the cold-eyed and square-jawed stare, or the explosive and… »10/02/15 11:58amYesterday 11:58am

How To Be A Gracious And Fun Wedding Date

Fifteen years ago, signing up to be someone’s wedding date might have only meant giving up a couple of hours of your life. You would go to a short ceremony at a neighborhood church followed by a rubbery chicken dinner nearby. You might have had to awkwardly dance to “Shout!” with strangers, but knew that it would be… »10/01/15 12:59pmThursday 12:59pm

Debbie Does Drywall: Why Home-Renovation Porn Is My Favorite Porn

Have you ever harbored sexual feelings toward a granite countertop, or imagined that a dual-vanity sink was actually former Prince ingénue Vanity? If so, you’re likely already an avid fan of HGTV (Home & Garden Television, although gardens are scarce), a cable channel that makes the rigorous renovation of dumpy houses… »9/30/15 4:43pmWednesday 4:43pm

Get Your Ass Off Mars: The Martian Is A Thrilling, Crowd-Pleasing Science Problem

1. The Martian will make you feel better about America, about the goodness of your fellow man, about the limitless possibilities of human achievement. That it’s also rooted in hard science (or at least a movie’s version of hard science, which is close enough), that all its surprises and accomplishments are borne of… »9/30/15 2:13pmWednesday 2:13pm

Purity Went To Communist East Germany And Found Itself

We’ll move further along in Purity in just a moment. First, I want to relay the story of what happened the first time I opened the book up after the last dispatch, in which I discussed how much truer and more knowledgeably written Jonathan Franzen’s one-paragraph description of Santa Cruz’s weather patterns rang than… »9/30/15 1:41pmWednesday 1:41pm

The Walk Is A Cloying, Uneven Caper With An Absolutely Amazing Final Act

The feat that made Philippe Petit legendary—his tightrope walk between the two towers of the World Trade Center on August 7, 1974—was both brave and insane. What made 2008’s Man on Wire, the Oscar-winning documentary about his achievement, so striking was that despite full access to Petit and his cohorts, the film… »9/29/15 4:19pmTuesday 4:19pm

The Gentleman's Guide To Making Her Come Without Using Your Dick

It’s time to be honest about something women don’t talk about much: the orgasm deficit. A large majority of women can’t reach orgasm from penis-in-vagina intercourse alone—as few as 7 percent can climax regularly from this method—and, worse, some men don’t seem to even realize it! Too often, well-intentioned dudes… »9/29/15 12:12pmTuesday 12:12pm

Here's Trevor Noah's First Daily Show Monologue, Which Totally Didn't Suck

You only watch a late-night talk show in full, on actual television, at the appointed hour, twice: the host’s first episode, and his last. So say hello to Trevor Noah, your new Daily Show host, who awkwardly plows right through his inaugural applause and Just Gets On With It. He was okay! This is going to be okay.… »9/28/15 11:54pmMonday 11:54pm